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Work Hard. Play Harder.

In life there are few rewards.  It’s Simple Man’s goal to make sure that you succeed faster and longer and are rewarded for your hard work.  We believe in big rewards for those who work hard and strive to better themselves and their families.

Why Simple Man?

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Why Simple Man?
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It’s Simple…

Simple is Always Best

We understand simplicity in your business will help you become more successful and will keep your business fun. So why over-complicate things? Everything within Simple Man thrives on simplicity, from our top quality products down to our simple compensation plan.

We stand out as a simple business model and attract those who want to be truly successful. We have eliminated all of the fuss, primarily because of our very simple and easy to understand compensation plan. We have intensified the proper equation for your growth…. Simple to Understand + Simple to Achieve + Simple to Duplicate = Beyond Simple Success!


Every day is Payday!

Why should you have to wait for your hard earned money?  Simple Man wants you to access rewards immediately. Your pay/commissions will be loaded to your Simple Man pre-paid debit card so you can spend your money as you see fit.

Simple Man IBOs are paid daily, weekly, monthly and are paid well!
Simple Man Compensation Plan

Your Enrollment is Simple

Your Simple Man business start up is simply $34.95.  This fee makes you an official Independent Business Owner (IBO), makes you eligible to start earning an income and provides you with a 25% discount on all products.

But why stop there? Every good business owner knows that having tools are important for their success!  After you’ve selected your Simple Enrollment, its time to choose a Freedom Kit so you have all of the essential tools necessary for your Simple Man success!

Amazing Value in Your Freedom Kick Starter Kit^

Freedom never looked so good!  Your Freedom kit will kick start you to great success.  Love the brand, sell the product, reap the benefits.



(Terms & conditions apply. All kits are ONLY available at the time of enrollment, may vary by scent and included product is based on availability.)
Our Freedom Kit will provide you with everything to get your Simple Man business off to a great start.  ONLY $99!


Our Ultimate Freedom Kit is loaded with the tools to create a strong customer base and to let you enjoy everything Simple Man! ONLY $199!


Your beard could make you money! By focusing on your love for everything beards and Simple Man, you could be earning some serious cash. Our Beardsmith Kits will help to provide a successful start to your beardtastic Simple Man Career.

Beardsmith Freedom Kit ($99 with a $165 value):


Beardsmith Ultimate Freedom Kit ($199 with a $330 value) :


^Freedom kits are only available at time of enrollment/sign up, may vary by scent and product inclusions are based on availability.