Beardsmithing 101: Make Your Beard The Boss!

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Shawn Ericsson, CEO

Every November 1st men around the world are called upon to put down the razors for No Shave November. The first week is the 5 o’clock shadow phase, the Don Johnson look.  Then week two comes around and now it’s time for the dreaded “itch” phase. This is where you separate the men from the boys.  The hair is getting longer and feels as coarse and dry as a boars back.  This is the phase that many dudes simply waive the white flag and break out the razor. If they only knew about beard oil and beard balm…..

I’ve been a beardsmith for most of my adult life, starting my beard Nov 1 each year and keeping it through bitter cold South Dakota winters.  When I was younger I never knew about beard balm and oil and just powered through the itch.  Heck, I’d resort to putting lotion on it or leaving conditioner in it.  Nothing seemed to work that well.  But then a few years back, I started using beard products and life started to become much better!

When hair grows, it wicks the skins natural oil called sebum.  When the sebum glands cannot keep up with consumption, your skin and hair dry out quickly. This is what happens when you get the nasty beard itch, and if it gets bad enough – beard-druff.  Keeping your skin and hair moisturized is key to a successful beard season. The only way to do this is to use beard oil and/or beard balm!

Since late summer of 2016 we have been working on our Simple Man formulas to help moisturize and condition both the skin and the beard. I’ve used many of our top competitor’s products and I truly believe ours is the best. Our beard oil uses ingredients like sunflower oils which have lots of vitamins and nutrients. It is packed with Omega 9 acid which prevents brittleness and can also aid in hair loss.  Sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin A, B1, and B6 seals and protects and gives it a silky feel. Olive oil which penetrates the cuticle so that moisture can be absorbed. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. And then Jojoba Oil, which closely replicates your skins very own sebum oils. The ingredients work in harmony to give you the best beard experience imaginable.  Soft, healthy, no-itch beards are possible with our products!

Beard balm uses many of the same ingredients but adds a few lasting and shaping extras. One of the main ones is Shea Butter.  Shea butter is natural moisturizer that reduces inflammation and softens hair. It is a solid until warmed in the hand, then it becomes a liquid.  Coco butter reduces hair breakage, and increases the manageability of your beard. It helps it lay down. Coconut oil and beeswax also moisturize and protect, but also combat beard frizz, and allow you to style your mane!

There you have it.  If you have or are thinking about a beard, these products are essential for your face comfort, health, and appearance of your beard. Simple Man beard products do all this, all at a very affordable price point. Throw in the manly Alibi scent that women love and you will make your beard the boss!!

Become a Beardsmith with our Alibi Beard Balm today!

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